50. 2013 Looks like we made it…look how far we’ve come together….

On January 4th 2013 I wrote…

In the year  2013 I turn 50 years of age.  All of my school friends will have recently done the same or are also about to do so. I wonder what has become of them?

I have seen many quirky ways that people chose to celebrate their annual milestones such as random acts of kindness to match the number of passed years and have given much though to how I can commemorate this auspicious occasion.   I have also been toying with the idea of writing my memoirs… of which the publishable draft looked far too boring to continue with.

I know that each year of my life has held significant people or events that have shaped me and made me the person that I am today.  Those who know me well or have visited this site before will know I am a list person….  Thus I have decided to create a short, illustrated chronological list, or series of  mini memoirs, with the aim of celebrating the creation of the 50 year old me.

Of course no project would be complete without a deadline….

“I will complete the writing and publishing of my mini memoirs by my birthday in early September”

Where possible I will share the memory with the person/s or people concerned as I want them to know the impact they have had on my life.

…and here is the final installment of this saga – my life so far.  Of course I have not been able to cover all of the events in my life, nor have I included all of those with whom I have crossed paths…. for while they were important and special times and people….  I had to keep it a bit tight after all it is only a mini memoirs.  Perhaps one day I will do the extended memoirs.  I particularly want to thank my cousin Michelle for her daily expressions of gratitude on Facebook as this inspired me to take a more thankful look at my life and to express it publicly. Thanks Michelle.

Early this year I left my job of almost 5 years to go back to doing what I love…then Rob left his job to buy a franchise and do what he loves….. so we are both very busy building our businesses and supporting each other in our dreams.  Check out what we are doing at Kyle-Scott Services v.2

Kyle-Scott Services
Kyle-Scott Services

Last week, as the deadline of my birthday approached I had a realisation….

Only two posts left to do in the “50 years of me” series….. dragging my heels a bit, as I always get a bit sad when a project ends….. delaying the emotional slump that follows the euphoria of successfully achieving a goal……

Thankfully I have a busy schedule ahead with many other goals underway that will overlap with the conclusion of this writing challenge.

Not only do I have our business  and family stuff happening we also have a party planned.  Parties and events involve people, food, decorations, airport transfers, housework, costumes, more food, accommodation, more people, transport, beverages and more beverages….. I am really looking forward to the celebration of the first 50 years of my life and will post photos after the event.

I want to round up this series with a summary of the key points that I take from my first half century…. Using the alphabet (as we do) – in a list (as I do)

A – I Approve of myself just  the way I am.


B – Stay Busy and active with a definite sense of purpose – Idle hands are the devils workshop.

C – My Children give meaning to my life, they are my legacy to the world.

D – Dream big, then set goals, make lists and take action so your dreams become your reality.

Living the Dream
Living the Dream

E – Always keep learning for Education unlocks your life and opens doors.

F – There is no substitute for Friends & Family, treasure them everyday for one day they may be gone and all you will have left are precious memories.

G – In Giving to others I build my own treasure, in helping others I help myself.

H – My Health is precious and I must look after the only body I have.

I – Inspiration can be found in the most unlikely of places but generally it is right there inside of you – just listen to your voice.

J – I am JANEY and I am enough…clever enough, pretty enough, loyal enough, committed enough, friendly enough, confident enough….

K – Keep Calm and Stay Positive. Keep calm.


L – Everybody deserves to be loved – Love the unlovable and watch the love grow.

M – Money comes and money goes but it does not define who you are or how happy you are.

N – Good Nutrition is as important for the body as it is for the mind – enjoy good food as it is good for your spirit.

O – Other peoples opinion of me is none of my business – its just their opinion not my reality.

P – My Parents are a national treasure, they may not have been perfect but neither was I, they have always done what they believed was best for me.

Mum & Dad
Mum & Dad

Q – Always chose Quality over Quantity, a little luxury is always better than a lot of crap.

R – Do the Right thing – even if it is hard. You always know (deep down) what is Right.

S – Being a Step parent is really hard – but as with all things I gave it my best and learnt much from my step children.

T – ‘Tomorrow, tomorrow there’s always tomorrow, its only a day away’.  Plan for tomorrow – but live for today.

U – Ups and downs are part of life as much as the cycle of the seasons. Your troubles will pass as surely as Spring will follow Winter.

V – Drive around Vanuatu, see the happiness amid the poverty. Appreciate what you have.

Set 2 018

W – Wear what pleases you rather than what is fashionable, Undies are optional – as are hats and gloves.

X – I eXonerate myself,  I find myself NOT GUILTY of the false accusations I have made against myself.

Y – Yucky things will/ did happen. Learn the lesson, dig deep, chin up, kia kaha and go forward.

Z – Zach & Lilly our precious Grand-babies are the future of the world, the next generation. Being a Grandparent is a privilege and an honor.

Breakfast at Nan & Pops
Breakfast at Nan & Pops

And that my friends Concludes the first 50 years of me – thanks for joining me on the journey so far….


…hang around a see where I go from here – the journey has just begun.

we are who we are



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