Celebrating the 50th anniversary of my birth

The Fifty Shades of Me story is written….. so let the celebrations begin.

Plans for this party were underway for many months with the logistics of international & interstate travellers being balanced with employment rosters and budgets.  The selection of the Theme was easy as we had a few spare themes up our sleeves to use for events – The Wizard of Oz it was, it was – it was the theme we chose, becoz…

Guests began to arrive on the Thursday before the party and the last left the following Friday ensuring that I had a full week of celebrations, reminiscences and late nights with the actual time & date of my birth anniversary passing largely unnoticed in the blur of perpetual scotch.  Bliss.

Special thanks to

  • Dianne for planning and coordinating the party & the decorations
Dianne - Party Planer
Dianne – Party Planer
  • Cheryl & Ross for the use of their home as our venue
Zach & Lilly loving the venue
Zach & Lilly loving the venue
  • Alisha for the themed canapes and nibbles
  • Kerri & Rob for preparing the most amazing Hangi in Oz
Cuzzie Kerri & Rob
Cuzzie Kerri & Rob
  • Rod Stewart for sending Ross Stoopid as his stand-in to serenade me
  • Ely for making the birthday cupcakes
Hostess Cheryl & Cupcake Ely
Hostess Cheryl & Cupcake Ely
  • Rick Julie & Jeff, Colleen & Neville and auntie Anne for travelling great distance to celebrate with me
  • Wayne for the Bugs and Debbie for the Photography
Cousin Wayne
Cousin Wayne
  • my darling Rob for being there to sort out all the mini dramas along the way

1268372_10201698978985726_2131646442_o (1)

  • I also wish to thank friends and relatives for their attendance, cards & gifts. – I received many precious surprises.
  • Special thanks to Mum & Bernie for the amazing poems and to Anne-Louise for her insightful words (read by Dad)
  • Final thanks must go to Mum and Dad for not giving up after baby one…coz baby two was Janey Sue.



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