Learning to not cook and… never forgetting how to run.

Alan and Jan Murray- Wakelin have been part of my life since way back when…. to times and places, events and food blur together in the mists of youth….

..the walnuts were drying on an old bed-frame

..AL & I had our split ends trimmed by Jan

..we listened to early Pink Floyd and The Point

..uncooked crushed biscuit slices were a new thing

..we learnt to eat cheese fondue and made cheese balls

..there were lazy days sailing on Hawkes Bay

HB Sailing

It was a time when I was impressionable, I was learning to cook, finding my musical preferences and running socially.

Then Alan and Jan, along with their children Alana and Kenrick, hopped aboard the trimaran and sailed off into the Pacific Ocean.

We kept in touch, of course, via letters and postcards (this was a time before the internet), we saw them when they were home, we kept abreast of all their adventures living in PNG, operating tourist barges in Europe, drving across continents and home schooling the children (oh, is that where I got that idea from) and spending the off seasons in Canada…. these people inspired me.   Then they ran the length of New Zealand – OK its not the biggest country in the world – but its still a long way!!!

Alan & Jan

When I was older – not that many years ago – they came and stayed at our home in Rotorua. As always I did a pre-check on dietary requirements and lo, these people only eat raw food!!!! Sheesh this will be a challenge, but wait, its OK – they offered to bring and prepare for us.  Once again they were introducing me to a new cuisine…and as an adult, I was still the eager student and learning to not cook.   It was different, but we ate well and it tasted amazing.

Now they are on another inspiring adventure that is coming to a close.  They are running around Australia – 365 marathons in 365 days – all on a raw diet.  True story folks – that’s what they have spent 2013 doing, running right around Australia!!!  You can read their full story here

Alan and Jan you may have touched many people along the way in your adventurous life….. but you have touched my life then, now and forever.  Thank you.

Last night I had a dream… the voice in my dream reminded me “you never forgot how to run, you just stopped doing it”.

I awoke inspired to write, to tell my story of Alan and Jan, to find my inner inspiration…..and to live life to its fullest – I may even run again.


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