Christmas pudding mince pie tiramisu trifle

WOW this desert needs a new name!!!  Please help.

In my efforts to create some new flavors for Christmas catering 2013 I came across a concept for these desserts which I then adapted to suit my families preferences.   Although I was going for a plated Christmas Eve menu I wanted a small dessert that encompassed the historical and traditional elements of a Christmas dessert buffet – and this is what we ended up with.  The Christmas pudding mince pie tiramisu trifle.

Christmas mince pie tiramisu trifle
Christmas pudding mince pie tiramisu trifle

So what Christmas desserts do we have represented in here –

  • Christmas Pudding – Rich Mixed fruit, Custard & Cream
  • Mince Pie – Short bread, Fruit Mince  Filling
  • Tiramisu – Layers of Sponge, Coffee Cream & Chocolate syrup
  • Trifle – Sponge, Fruit & Creamy Custard (Sherry optional**)

What you need to prepare (quantities are general)

  • 6 commercial Christmas mince tarts roughly chopped
  • 1 – 2 Cups of Custard – home made or Commercial
  • 300mls Cream – Whipped with Vanilla, 1 teaspoon Sugar and 1 Shot of cooled Espresso*
  • Tinned pears – Diced
  • Commercial or home made chocolate topping

So here is how it came together

  • Check how many people are coming to dinner, check again – you don’t want to be 1 short!!!!
  • If unsure make 2 extras – you can always eat them next day.
  • Select serving glasses – I like the verines I used – they hold about 200mls – wine glasses work well too
  • Drizzle chocolate sauce around inside of each glass – dont be too fussy
  • Start layering…
    • Divide ⅓ of Mince pies into glasses
    • Blob of Custard
    • Allocate ½ the Diced pears
    • Use ½ of the cream on the next layer
    • Divide another ⅓ of Mince pies into glasses
    • Blob of Custard
    • Remainder of the Diced pears
    • Other ½ of the cream
    • Arrange rest of the Mince pies on the top
  • Put in the fridge for a couple of hours


*Use 1 teaspoon instant coffee dissolved in 1 tablespoon water if you don’t have espresso or use a tablespoon of Coffee Liqueur

** If using Sherry, Drizzle on first two layers of mince tarts

***We had ours alcohol free and served it on the side for those who wished to partake – Sherry, Scotch, Coffee Liqueur or Almond Liqueur all worked well.  Pour it on, sip alongside or both!!

Mum's only having a small one
Mum’s only having a small one

…And here is where you get to help by suggesting a new name…..


Poll Results as at 1/12/14

First Equal……

Awesomeasu & Yummy Yuletide Dessert 


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