It was only a plate….

Dear Nana

We moved house recently and I am devastated to report that your plate got broken.

“What plate?” I hear you ask.

You know Nana – the flat pavlova plate – the one with the matching cake slice.  Remember the last time I saw you…and you let us select precious items of yours that held memories for us….. and I really wanted that set…because I knew I would not only treasure it but I would use it.  I know you didn’t want your things just put on display, they were to be used. … and I used it.  Every-time it was used we talked about you, how special you were to us all, and how much we miss you.

I wrapped it so carefully, but it broke anyway…and its breaking broke my heart yet again.  I have so little of yours to remember you by yet I have a heart full of the love you gave me…that will be forever mine.

2014-02-16 19.23.58

When I told Dad about the plate breaking..I said “I know what Nana would say”…”Its only a plate, its broken now so throw it away” and Dad agreed – you wouldn’t want it glued together on display, after all – it was only a plate.   So, I carefully put it in the bin…and I resisted the urge to chase the rubbish truck and get it back again.

But I’m so sad that I broke your plate – and I miss you so much

Love you always



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