If you order from the menu…should you get what you ordered?

Was out with hubby for lunch the other day and ordered the ‘Deluxe Salmon – Grilled Salmon on jasmine rice with Bluefire salsa’ and this is what I imagined it would be…

salmon & Salsa

I even took the time to ask what was in the salsa and was told they hadn’t made any so it would be served with tartare sauce – I did comment that this was an unusual accompaniment.

After a reasonable wait our meals arrived and imagine my surprise to get a plate of Garden Salad and Fries with a piece of Grilled salmon on top accompanied by a dish of tartare….something like this…

salmon & Chips

I asked where the rice was to be told by the waiter…. “I thought you would prefer this”!!!   After reminding him that I had in fact ordered the Deluxe salmon – that is described on the menu as coming with rice- he retreated to the kitchen and returned with a bowl of rice and told me there would be “no charge” for the rice!!!!

Being a resourceful young lady I popped the Salmon onto the rice,  diced up some of the  salad vegies to make a wee salsa for on the salmon and squeezed the sad bit of lemon across the top… Voila “Deluxe Salmon” as ordered.

Looked a bit like this by the time I was done (about 30 seconds)…

salmon & Salsa

But here are the issues….

  1. How hard is it to make salsa when you have a kitchen full of fresh ingredients (as they had for the salads)
  2. Why have a menu if you are just going-
    • give people what you think they might like rather than what they ordered
    • let the kitchen plate up what they feel like and think that the paying customer will be happy

A really disappointing meal.

Extra notes-

  • Hubbys steak was at least 50 grams smaller than the menu promoted
  • Although he was asked how he wanted his steak cooked –  their version of ‘medium’ was ‘Really well done’
  • I Shared the extra salad with hubby and dipped the chips in the tartare – no wastage on our table.
  • The salad was actually nice, fresh and well dressed.
 Bluefire Grill
07 3879 7288
Shop 3B, Inala Plaza. 156 Inala Ave
Inala, QLD 4077

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