MKR The peoples choice challenges

Some months back I stated my intention to Take on the “My Kitchen Rules” 2014  Challenges    <-  Click back there to see my bold plan.

It has taken a while to get this to press but finally here is Part 1- MKR  The Peoples Choice Challenges.

The My Kitchen rules teams were transported to locations and given the briefing for the challenge of the day – they then had to shop, prepare and sell to the specified audience.  The customers selected the winner of the day while the judges selected the weakest team.

For each challenge I have selected my “partner” to match the challenge

Your time starts NOW
Your time starts NOW

Breakfast on the go – served to commuters at the train station – with Rob

Healthy Lunch  – for hungry school children in the school yard – with Ally

Tradies meal  – on a construction site – with Bernie

Signature Dish – Pop up warehouse restaurant – with Anne-Louise

Italian Market Stall – streetfood – with Cheryl

Thanks to all my “partners” for these challenges – you have been selected as I feel that with Friends and Family by my side “We got this”!!!

Watch Out for Parts 2, 3 & 4 of  the MKR Challenges done MY way


One thought on “MKR The peoples choice challenges

  1. Love it Janey, I like the idea of those Feta Calzones – but all the rest look great too [in my memory/imagination]!


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