MKR The Kitchen HQ challenges

Some months back I stated my intention to Take on the “My Kitchen Rules” 2014  Challenges    <-  Click back there to see my bold plan.

It has taken a while to get this to press but finally here is Part 2- MKR  The Kitchen HQ Challenges.

These challenges were generally related to the elimination rounds as the challenge that sent teams to the sudden death cookoffs.   With high pressure and many a twist these a a few of the challenges, how I would face them and who I would have by my side.

Meat and Three vegetables – presented in a new way  – with Helen Bowick

  • Chicken Chasseur undone – Served as a warm salad
    • Chicken braised in red wine, Onion, tomato, mushroom, capsicum salad on baby leaves dressed with a red-wine vinaigrette

Family favourites three-course – with Colleen Walker from Grandmas Kiwi Kitchen

  • Paua Puffs
    • Creamed paua flowing down a tower of puff pastry cups
  • Cottage Pie
  • Steamed puddings with creme anglaise

Feed the Farmers – with my Daddy

Chicken or the Egg –  withTeressa Allen (nee Phipps)

Lemons and Limes – with Megan Towers

Lemon meringue pie

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Taking on the “My Kitchen Rules” 2014  Challenges 

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Watch Out for Parts  3 & 4 of  the MKR Challenges done MY way


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