MKR The Truck Challenge

The MKR Restaurant Truck is purpose built  with a full kitchen on each side.  Contestants were divided into two teams to cook and serve a three course meal, from the back of the truck,  to members of the public in  pop up restaurants.  Black aprons vs White aprons.

The MKR Truck Challenges
The MKR Truck Challenges

As always there were the occasional twists in ingredients available and top teams getting first choice of key produce.  The team (pair) preparing entrees were also the Head Chef & Maitre d’ hotel for the challenge.

Teams cooked on the truck several times in the series but for the purposes of MY challenge I will select one menu and one “dream team”  made up from extended family with colleagues from through my career.


Entrees / Front of House

Thomas George & Rogan Thomas

  • Vegetarian Laksa
    • Made how Thomas taught me to enjoy it – HOT
  • Roasted Beetroot Tarts
    • Topped with goat cheese and walnut praline


 The Main Event

Stuart Taylor & Bernie Morales

  • Peppered scallops
    • Seared with  tri-colour capsicum slices and cracked pepper
      • on a bed of Garlic Mash
  • Chicken Velouté
    • Poached chicken in a rich sauce with saffron rice and asparagus spears


Decadent Endings

Louise Peresa-Smith & Tristan Smith

  • Tris’  Tiramisu
  • Louises Individual Cheesecakes

This challenge has the added twist for me in that none of my pairings have actually cooked together…. but I know that they could pull this off!!!!


Introducing the Team Members….

Thomas George –  colleague,  friend and mentor from my tutoring days at Waiariki Institute of technology, Rotorua, NZ

Rogan Thomas – Executive Chef at the Masonic Hotel, Napier, NZ

Stuart Taylor – one of my Cookery tutors who latter became a colleague and a friend  from my tutoring days at Waiariki Institute of technology, Rotorua, NZ.

Bernie Morales – adversary& colleague who is unflappable in the heat of the kitchen…now considered family.

Louise Peresa-Smith & Tristan Smith – two awesome ladies who are married to by little brothers – neither have commercial cookery experience but sheesh these gals can cook!!

I note that I neglected to put myself in a pairing…but now that I have it sorted I don’t want to leave any-one out…..

p.s. If anyone knows where Rogan is…please bring this to his attention, Thanks

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