MKR The Final Showdown

For the two teams who made the grand final of My Kitchen Rules 2014, the last challenge was to deliver five-courses with 20 serves of each in front of previous contenders and close family & friends – no pressure!!!

For this final challenge I would call on my brother Chris to be by my side… see the surprise on his face…first he heard of it!!!!


Our menu includes some favourites of yesteryear and a few recent twists on some favorite ingredients.

  •  Pauls Bruschetta
    • Complete with the secret ingredient
  • Seafood chowder served in a bread roll
    • Hearty and hot with hint of curry and splash of cream
  • Liver Mousse crepe cigars
    • On an  Apple Jelly smear
  • Avocado and Crab
    • In a creamed spinach sauce
  •  Deconstructed Baklava with a twist
    • Crisp Filo cups filled with Manuka Honey & Cinnamon ice-cream
    • Topped with Macadamia nut praline and a Drambuie glaze

While there are loose recipes for these items, they are a reflection of the places we have worked combined with our personalities.  Chris and I tend to cook by taste, feel, instinct and good luck. this may well work against us but it usually works out OK.

Cheers Bro – will have to do this next time we get together…be ready.

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