C25K W1 D5

Yesterday was a rest day and we spent the day relaxing with friends at the Goodna Car show.  Still managed over 9000 steps which is actually a very active day forme given the sedentary nature of much of my work day.  We are in the middle of a heatwave so I set off at 6.30am to beat the heat.

  • I remembered to stretch.
  • Today went back to my old shoes (really they are old)
  • Reversed the circuit today to remove the steep uphill bit and had some longer gentler climbs instead
  • My calf muscles were tight again today, more so with the longer stride so I shortened it up again

Week 1 Day 5 of the C25k (Couch to 5Km) Program

Same as for Week 1 Day 1 – Brisk five-minute warmup walk. Then alternate 60 seconds of jogging and 90 seconds of walking for a total of 20 minutes.   5 Minute cooldown walk.

  • Stretched when I got home
  • Distance of 2.6km in 28 minutes

I can see progress.   The program is timed intervals, and including the warmup and cool down takes 28 minutes.  Day one we  were timed perfectly to arrive home just after the end of the cooldown, day two I had a minute or so of the cool down left to go when I got home and today I added an extra 100 metres (by coming home around the long side of the block) and still got back about 1 minute before the cooldown ended…..thus progress is made.

I then realised (Einstein that I am) that as my jogging improves, and as the program increases the joggong intervals while decreasing the walking phases….the distance must increase gradually until 5km is being covered in 30 minutes.

This means…..rather obviously…..that I will need to change my route each week to cover a slightly longer distanceuntil I am covering 5km in the same time span.

Having said allt that, I am thinking to repeat week one as I am not totally comfortable with the state of my calf muscles nor with my stride in the jogging intervals.   I think I need to work on both of these before I step up a level in order to prevent injury…therfore next week will be W1.1 using my 2.6km circuit.


C25K W1
C25K W1 – 2.6km



2 thoughts on “C25K W1 D5

  1. Hi Janey, I am cheering for you as you do this program. It is a favourite of mine to improve cardio fitness. In my experience if I eat protien and hour before, chicken or steak or a protein shake and then have half my daily carbs straight after, porridge or kumara or a salad sandwich my legs recover quickly. 🙂
    Also the program is 14mins til you are asked to turn around so i always come back the same way as i hate to do more than necessary 🙂
    Maybe this helps?
    Luv Bron


    1. Hi Cuz Bron

      Have been trying to work out what to adjust that will help my poor wee legs on this journey and your way seems very logical. I know there is no gain without pain but I am very concious about injury prevetion also – particularly as I am no longer a spring chicken!!!

      Thanks heaps for your comments and support.
      Luv Janey


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