Week 5 – I can see progress

I can see Progress.

Last week I set a new, less prescriptive plan….and here is what I achieved

  • Workout 30 minutes three times a week (Thu, Sat & Mon)
    • Heatwave with days over 40ºC and lows of 23ºC so only got one walk/run done
    • Did wonder if body fat melts in the heat…that would be nice
  • Do a variety of workouts, walk, jog, swim, play
    • Did one Walk with a sprint
    • 2 x Active Swims
    • Played with and supervised the grandies
  • Increase daily step target to 7,000 on non workout days
    • Good and Bad days but average for the week was 7083 steps per day
  • 10x Burpees + 1x 1 min Plank each non workout day
    • 3 x 25 second planks, 3 Burpees & 3 reps stair climbers
    • 3 x 30 second planks
    • 1 x 30 second plank and 3 x superman poses

I don’t like Burpees or Stair Climbers!!! I dont like planks either but pain means Im trying.

Today  I did a 2.7km circuit at a brisk walk with four short runs of about 100m each. The circuit is had 30+ meters of climb on mainly sealed road and concrete.

Decided to graph my progress…


Start to 20 Nov
Start to 20 November 2014



Total workouts done = 13


4 thoughts on “Week 5 – I can see progress

  1. Just another memory that might be helpful. When I was a Tenderfoot / Guide one Friday evening in Napier we had to do a “1 mile run” to get a badge. Nobody explained how to or what to do so I set off and ran all the way, passing all the others who seemed to be dawdling along the way. What they were doing was conserving energy by walking to the first lamp-post, then running to the next one, and repeat for the whole mile. I came in first but didn’t get my badge because I hadn’t followed the ‘energy conservation’ rules – but it might be an idea you could use. Gradual increase of the number of lamp-posts you pass by before changing from walking to running. What do you think?


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