Week 6 – I am more active!!

This week has been harder to stick to the plan. Exercise has been difficult in the sticky, humud heat…..and we had a High tea Event that was basically two days of bad eating!!  never mind, back on the horse through till Christmas -with the exception of a few end of year functions.

Last week I aimed to follow my plan….and here is what I achieved

  • Workout 30 minutes three times a week (Thu, Sat & Mon)
    • Heatwave still with us so only got one walk/run done (Thurs)
  • Do a variety of workouts, walk, jog, swim, play
    • Did one Walk with 4 jog sections
    • 2 x Active Swims with some water exercises
      • In-water handstands, squats, lunges,  planks, leg curls etc
  • Increase daily step target to 7,000 on non workout days  average steps per day
    • Fairly  even daily steps- average for the week was 7279 steps per day – up fr0m 7083 last week
    • In July my average steps per day was 5749. I AM MORE ACTIVE!!
  • 1 x 1 min Plank each non workout day
    • Ditched the burpees – life is too short to do stuff that you dont enjoy!!!
    • 3 x 45 second planks
    • 2 x 45 & 1 x 60 second planks and 3 x superman poses

Less abdominal plank pain this week.

Today  I felt the need to increase my distance and completed a 3.27km circuit at a med to brisk walk. The circuit is had 19 meters of climb on mainly concrete paths and was done in 35 minutes.



Next time I will pick up the pace over this distance……but for now, its time to hit the shower.

Total workouts done = 16


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