Week 7 – Admissions of change are made…

Had to visit my doctor this week to get my routine prescriptions and decided it was time to ask about what options there were to assist me in coping with the heat.  Not the hideous heatwave that we have been experiencing in Brisbane that has us all hot and sticky, but the additional mini heatwaves that wash over me throughout the day and night.  Thankfully I am no more irratible than normal and am otherwise symptom free.  But menopause is upon me!

Yes, this week was the week I admitted to myself and my doctor that changes are happening.  This week I started on a natural health supplement to assist with the heat and pehaps allow better sleep.

Admitting to the aging process is not going to give me an excuse….but rather allows me to continue to celebrate the strong, caring, committed woman that I have become through the experiences and learnings I have had thus far.  Admitting to, and embracing, change….with confidence that I can cope with this too…and it will make me stronger.

 Still aiming to follow my plan, but happy to make changes to it as I go….and here is what I achieved

  • Workout 30 minutes three times a week (Thu, Sat & Mon)
    • did my 3.2km circuit twice
  • Do a variety of workouts, walk, jog, swim, play
    • Did two Walk one with 6 jog sections
    • Walked around the mall/shopped – does that count?
  • Increase daily step target to 7,000 on non workout days  average steps per day
    • Fairly  even daily steps- average for the week was 7347 steps per day – up fr0m 7279 last week
    • In July my average steps per day was 5749.
    • I like statistics – they measure the progress that I can feel
  • 1 x 1 min Plank each non workout day  week
    • 3 x 60 second planks
    • Lots of stretching exercises this week as my back got a bit twingy

butterlies change

Today doing gentle stretching/yoga to ease the twinge in my back & leg. Nothing serious just an old injury aggravated by me carrying too much in one load.

Total workouts done = 17


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