Preparing the cellar for Christmas

As much as we like to eat a variety of food at Christmas we also need to ensure that there is something to wash it all  down with.

Catering to the needs and preferences of your guests (young and old, drinkers and non drinkers), factoring in the time of day (breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper), being aware of what the weather will be doing, and then matching with your chosen menu….So much Stress.  And then there is the issue monitoring excessive consumption for myself and my guests!!!

This year I have decided to spread the load to reduce the risk of binge drinking and to assist with stress minimisation in the lead up to the holiday season.

 Wine Advent 2014


This nifty Advent Claendar has the added benefit of keeping me in a festive spirit and on track with my pre holiday planning as I can see at a glance how many days i have left to pull together yet another awesome and memorable family time.

Note – This is for display and planning purposes only, additional stocks of wine, beer, scotch, sherry, liqueurs, juice, water and softdrinks are all stored at the appropriate temperature, in a ready to drink state.



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