McCallum’s Perfection Blended Scotch Whisky

Musings on our family dram from my son

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Not at all misleading or pretentious Not at all misleading or pretentious

4.5 Litres of lost memories... 4.5 Litres of lost memories…

This is a whisky that is dear to my heart, a family favourite would be a massive understatement if ever there was one. It is used for major life milestones, and any point in time when the family meets in sizable numbers.

We are most definitely obsessed with the stuff.

It is not an easy dram to come by either; most stockists do not carry the line, and fewer still hold it in stock for any particular length of time… but it is always available if you look hard enough.

And for its age and quality it is also one whisky with the smallest of internet footprints… even boutique hipster Ales have at least one (and often more) Instagram accounts these days… even a placeholder twitter account would have been a welcome sight but no… only some speculate comments…

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