Chicken Chasseur Salad

I have long been a fan of Chicken Chasseur but since moving to Queensland, from New Zealand, there are far too few days for eating hot meals and casseroles.    It has been a plan of mine to recreate some of those classical meals, with their rich flavour combinations, into meals more suited for this climate.

A French classic that never seems to go out of style, this dish combines mushrooms and chicken in a tomato and white-wine sauce. The name, literally “hunter’s chicken,” harks back to a time when game birds and mushrooms from the woods were a natural autumn combination.  It is also similar ot the classic Cock au Vin, also of French origin.

Once the basics are established, each chef has their own variations on this dish allowing for regional and seasonal variations.

For me, the classical flavours of Chicken, Wine, Garlic, Mushroom and Tomato are enhanced by the addition of Onions and Herbs…. so tonight we are having the salad version.

Step 1 – Marinate Chicken in White Wine & Garlic with some Salt & Pepper


Step 2 – Make a Simple Mushroom Salad with a herby vinagrette

Step 3  – Prepate the additional vegetables for the mushroom salad


Step 4  – Pan fry the chicken in some olive oil then…


…add the reserved marinade cover and cook until cooked through.


Remove from pan and cool.


Step 5 – Reduce the cooking liquor to about 2 Tablespoons, cool and add to 1/4 cup of your favourite Mayonaise.  Dont strain it…use all the sticky pan flavours and bits of garlic.


Shred Chicken (use the skin too) and mix through Mayonaise.


  1. Mix Mushrooms with Tomato, Capsicum & Onion.
  2. Onto plate pile Shredded lettuce or Cabbage
  3. Top with Mushroom salad and its vinagrette
  4. Pile Chicken on top
  5. Sprinkle with fresh herbs

There you have it – a Summery twist on a Classical Autumn / Winter Chicken Chasseur Casserole with waves of garlic, mushroom, tomato and herbs creating an exceptional Chicken Chasseur Salad.





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