LCHF My Journey – 3. Six months later

Back in early August I summonsed up the courage to confess publicly to trialling the Low Carb High Fat way of eating.  At that stage I had been LCHF for about 8 weeks and had lost 2kgs.  LCHF  My Journey – 1. Getting Started

I followed this up with how I was making it work for me as I became more familiar with the concept. LCHF My Journey – 2. Daily Meal Options

I went on to share with you some of the Recipes that were helping me transition to this way of eating.

…and more.  Just Type LCHF in the search bar to the right and the recipes will all come up for you.

With the ongoing support  and shared information from a small group of other LCHF experimenters I sallied forth in confidence, lapping up all the information I could find and shrinking gradually.  I made a concious decision not to replace sugars (including Honey & Maple syrup) with artificial sweeteners of any kind – and while this has not been without its challenges, it was a personal choice that I have made ans stuck to.

In the Begininging I made the recomendation “get some support from the LCHF community via Facebook pages or FAQs on the sites mentioned” –  and one of those sites I suggested was Low Carb Island run by Derek and Telaine.   In late August I was invited to join their 100 day LCHF Challenge and without much thought I said “Hell Yes”.

Tomorrow marks the end of the 100 days of the challenge and six months since I first dabbled with LCHF (Low Carb High Fat) way of eating.  This is not the end of my journey with LCHF eating as I am still working towards the destination of a slimmer healthier body that can be maintained while eating amazingly yummy food.  But today is a good time to pause, look at the results and reflect on my journey so far.

Journal Excerpts

1 September – Dear Family & Friends as my birthday approaches (you know when it is) I wish to advise that Chardonnay, Cabernet and Bubbly are no longer my preferred beverages of consumption…. I am returning to my heritage Scotch (on the rocks, straight up or with soda) is my preference…. and please hold off on the Chocolates, Sweets and Sugary things….. 

3 September –  I was making Coconut Ice (to help a friend with birthday catering) and ate a spoonful of the mix…. Immediately ate a spoon full of Double Cream to restore balance … not sure if that will help or not…. Im sure it wont … being mindful for the rest of the day.

7 September –  Week 1 gain 200gm, Week 2 stable (got a personal growling by email from Derek, This week a LOSS of 1.6 kg … Also a combined LOSS of 20cm from my Bust, Waist, Abdo and Hips.
** Swopped the wine/s for Scotch & Soda Water – TaDa!!!! **

15 September – My progress continues to be slow and unstable, however, since May I have lost 4kg – my Body Fat has dropped by 1.7% (2.9kg)  –  I have lost 7 cm from my waist, 6cm from my abdomen and 4 cm from my hips  ….most of this has been since the challenge began … and honestly with no exercise.

24 September – Hey all – beautiful day here in Sunny Queensland – full of possibilities. Im still following the meal plan and loving having a guide to follow. Not doing each day in order…but deciding on dinner in the morning…then having the breakfast for that day, albeit a reduced size portion…. great choices, tasty options…. steak for dinner tonight. Made a big batch of Garlic Butter to have ready for on vegies, zucchini fritters and anything else I can put it on

26 September – Feeling a bit of frustration today – for the last 10 days my weight has bounced up and down within a 500gm range….. following the plan, increased fat, dropped my scotch……plateau!!!! I know I should only weigh weekly – but its a bit of an addiction. Fingers crossed for some progress before Mondays weigh in….. feel like Im letting the team down

7 October – A full day back working in a commercial kitchen….. not tempted by the food…. had a coffee and cream ……and plenty of water ….. Normal day I do less than 5000 steps a day …. yesterday did over 14,000!!!!

18 October – Slow and steady….. WHOOT today I am the lightest I have been in over 18 months …..

2 November – LONG Accountability post : STALLED according to my Monday weights. Right now I am totally OK with this as I know that my weight pattern is moving downwards (confession of an obsessional weigher). Mid last week I was the lightest I have been on over 18 months . As my weght has transioned downwards I spend approx 10 – 15 days bouncing before I drop into the next kilo down…. and therefore I am confident that by next week…. it will happen.
I also confess to cooking and eating a 16 course ( yup sixteen course!!) degustation dinner for a family event on Saturday night!!!  Most of the meal was designed as LCHF but there were a few carbs more than I would normally eat, including some potato, rice and sugar…. WIN tho – I didnt eat the bread roll!!!!   To be stalled after that is a MAJOR WIN!!!!

As you can see its not all plain sailing, but, I am still drinking Scotch and Soda and the results really do speak for themselves.


Medical Progress

Prior to embarking on this journey I had a full medical with my GP, including blood tests and blood pressure. I have long-term hypocalcemia caused by hypoparathyroidism and I have raised blood pressure.  I am also menopausal.  My plan was to have a followup consultation with my GP at the 3 month pont to recheck my blood – particularly Liver Function and Cholesterol.

20/03/2015 &  16/09/2015
Fast. Glucose 5.9 down to 5
ALP (Liver) 128 H down to 103
Cholesterol 7.1 H down to 6.3 H

I am due for quarterly testing again later this week and will update with the results.

The Measurements

This is the bit you are really interested in…

…from 31 May to 24 November 2015


  • Weight lost 7.8kg – which equates to 9%
  • Body Fat % lost 4.1 –  10%
  • Body Fat kg lost 6.3 –  18%
  • BMI down 2.9 – 9%
  • Hips lost 11 cm –  10%
  • Chest lost 5 cm –  5%
  • Abdomen lost 11 cm –  10%
  • Waist lost 7 cm –  7%
  • Thigh (L) lost 6 cm –  10%
  • Arm (L) lost 4 cm –  12%

Am I happy ??  – YES I am!!!

BEFORE and AFTER pictures

And so….

Another 2.1kg and I will have lost the combined birth weights of my three children!!!

Will I continue with this way of eating?  Seems like a no brainer of a question – but as long as the results accross my entire health system continue in a positive direction, I see no reason to eat in any other way.

In fact, to eat in any other way has proven bad for me in the past….  on, on to a heatlhier future. I will continue to find ways to adapt some of my favourite recipes to this way of eating so I do not miss out on the flavours and textures of things I enjoy.

I must thank Derek and Telaine from Low Carb Island for thier “100 days – 100% Challenge” and all those who participated in the challenge alongside me – really, it is the support and encouragement from you all that kept me going.

Factors for Success when making a life change

…. and Finally an article I just stumbled upon.

Maori eating like their ancestors – Losing weight and gaining health

Disclaimer – I am not a Doctor, nor am I a nutritionist. There are many things that can impact a person’s health and influence their dietary requirements….always do your own research and seek professional advice that is specific to your circumstances.




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