Leading by Example

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There are times in your life when you have a moment, a realisation, an A-Ha, an epiphany even…. and its not always “in the moment” that it happens.  As a young lady, working near the bottom of the brigade, in a busy kitchen….. “it” happened.  Well to be more correct “something” happened.  Several years later as I was reflecting on things…. the “A-Ha” finally occurred and has changed my attitude for-ever.

In an interview, I was asked to define what “good leadership” meant to me and to give a situation of “leading by example”.  Immediately, out of the blue, I was transported back more than a dozen years to a time and place where I once belonged.

Masonic Hotel Napier ArtDeco

As a 17 yearold I was working at the Cobb & Co in The Masonic Hotel, Napier – my home town.   I had long wanted to become a Chef and this was my second full time…

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