Savoury “Gingerbread” House – LCHF

Over the last 15 years or so many of our children have taken on the challenge of making a Gingerbread House at Christmas.  While these have always been of the traditional kind – using a Gingerbread House “construction” dough – this year, 2015, needed to be different.

The Gingerbread house of 2012 – with recipe and instructions

Firslty, I have changed my way of eating and no longer fill myself with carbs and sugars….and secondly, well because we can be different.

I decided to see if I could make a Low Carb, High Fat alternative to the Gingerbread House as a “bring a plate” for a pre Christmas BBQ.  I knew that the LCHF Cracker dough that I have used before would be a great construction agent so I made a double mix to get things underway.

This dough is trickier to roll out and I found it easier to draw my 6 shapes (front, back, 2 sides & 2 roof pannels) on baking paper the press the dough into shape.  Finish with a light rill to smooth the surface then trim before baking …. still on the paper.

The remaining dough was shaped into a log, rolled in sesame seeds and popped into the freezer to firm up a bit before being sliced into thin crackers and baked.

Putting this together was a challenge as the traditional “glue” of royal icing was going to be wrong in the savoury context!!!  After a lot of hypothesising – I needed a quick drying, gap filling, heat stable “glue”  … I resigned myself to the fact that in order to get the job done – I would do it with Royal.  I also knew, from past experience, that no-one would actually damage (to eat) the structure of the house so taste was irrelevant.

I decorated the gardens with pickles, pate sandpit, tzatziki spa pool, olives etc and served accompanied by the extra crackers.

LCHF Savoury "Gingerbread" House

Later realised that I could have constructed my house using an egg & cream cheese “Glue”, helt together with cocktail sticks and returned to the oven to bake the glue… time.

LCHF Savoury "Gingerbread" House

AND THEN … on Christmas day Dianne and I decided to make another Gingerbread House, based on a Belguim Biscuit, as an afternoon activity – Read about it here.


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