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To my Loyal Followers of “For Food and Family – I am now posting some of my writing at Kyle Scott Services Transforming Lives and Kyle-Scott Services Hospitality. Pop over for a visit, like, share and follow – looking forward to seeing you there.

Kyle-Scott Services

We accept the love we think we deserve – Stephen Chbosky

This not only applies to relationships but in all areas of life – we accept the job, the grades, the lifestyle, the salary, the friendships, the opportunities, the treatment, the outcomes …that we think or believe we deserve.

Somewhere, at some time ,our self esteem, or lack thereof, sets out deserve-o-meter and we accept it.  Sadly for many the deserve-o-meter sets itself so low that we accept criticism, abuse, bullying, rejection, put downs and much much more as being what we deserve.  We take what we are given, beg for any extras, are grateful for what we get –  even if it is bad for us – we lose our way….. Those around us – friends, family, colleagues, partners – see what we accept and give us more of the same.

Revelation – they are not our problem!!! One day we…

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