The seven best wines to match with oysters

Thinking we may need to have a family Oyster and Wine evening – maybe in April??? Will have to check the budgets

The Wine Wankers

Trust me with this one guys – I’m the son of an oyster farmer!  And that means since the age of 10, I’ve been downing those slippery buggers like there’s no tomorrow; thanks Dad!  I’ve also been drinking wine from a very early age too (what age?? that’s a secret!).  So with this knowledge, I give you my ultimate guide to matching oysters and wine!

Oysters – they are so amazingly decadent, what with their briny taste of the ocean and heavenly creaminess.  If you get your wine pairing wrong – and all those delicate flavours will be smothered by the wine, or worse, will make your wine taste metallic!

We all know the freshness of an oyster is vitally important; but did you also know the oyster’s condiment is also vitally important when it comes to wine matching.  I prefer to eat my oysters au-naturale; letting the wine’s tangy…

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