Getting to the Point

One of the great things about moving is exploring new dining options.  Now that we are living on the Redcliffe Peninsular, and the un-packing is done, we have the time to start scoping out some new favourites.

Last night we had “Date Night” and decided to use the opportuinty to join the local RSL as community members, Rob had already tranferred his Service Membership to near home. The benefits of RSL membership are varied and include discounted dining and a bottle store that stocks McCallums Scotch Whisky (going to grab a couple of bottles on the way out).  The Redcliffe RSL has three dining options and, once we had filled in our application to join, we spent some time making a decision about where to try.  There were lots of tasty looking options on all three menus but the allure of full table service and The Point was where we settled in for the evening.

Redcliffe RSL

Right from the greeting the staff were friendly and helpful, offering us a selection of tables and then getting our initial drinks underway while we studied the menu.  Rob broke with tradition and ordered a Chicken Parmi while I went for the Grilled Chicken with Mushroom, Avocado and Hollandaise.   The staff happily accommodated my request to swap the Mash for a side of Brocolini – so good as there are quite a few restaurants and cafes that specifically state on theit menu that the Chef will not do any “swaps” and menu items are only served as stated.

Settled down to wait for our meals and I really enjoyed my Jacobs Creek Reserve Chardonnay – I really do enjoy the Oak aging and particularly miss the buttery Fume Blancs that were plentiful back around the 1990’s.   Date night was going according to plan – I had a drink in hand and Rob was doing a bit of wheeling and dealing…and all was well in our world…..then the meals arrived.

The Point - cafe - bar - restaurant

My comment at the time was “OMG nom nom nom”  – BIG meals for both of us and we tucked in with our usual hearty appetites, after pausing to get a quick pic.  I described mine later as ‘ a stack of grilled chicken breast on a couple of huge grilled mushrooms, topped with a pile of Avo smash and creamy hollandaise…..and a side of brocollini.   There was alot of food and as I devoured it happily I did comment that I could have shared it with my daughter and neither of us would have gone hungry!!!  Alas, she wasnt there – so I ate it all myself and Rob ate all of his too.

So, Getting to the Point…
Was it good? – yes….
Was it great?….. just a couple of wee things to note

  • Not everyone drinks alcohol, the bevearge list should include non-alcoholic options
  • Hot meals should go on hot plates, not plates that are stone cold as the mushrooms had become quite cold -its OK for salad to go on cold plates.
  • Hot sides should go on hot plates, not plates that are stone cold – the brocolini would have been nicer if it had stayed a bit warmer
  • Hollandaise sauce is a warm sauce, even if it is from a box  it should be warmed gently
  • Guest services need to be clearer regarding the process for use of temporary Member Slips as this caused confusion for us and the restaurant staff.

A really enjoyable meal.  Account settled and a quick chat with the team about the many dining options, including weekend breakfasts, that are available at The Point, Redcliffe RSL – many thanks to Manon, Dianna and your Team Leader Lydrol for a lovely evening.

Got halfway home and realised we forgot to grab the McCallums from the bottle store…. all good,  went back in the morning after the markets and got it.

McCallums Scotch Whisky

The Point
Redcliffe RSL
Irene Street, Redcliffe, QLD 4020

Ph 3897 6090


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