LCHF My Journey – 15 Months On

Back in August 2016 I confessed publicly to trialling the Low Carb High Fat way of eating.  At that stage I had been LCHF for about 8 weeks and had lost 2kgs.  LCHF  My Journey – 1. Getting Started.  I followed this up with how I was making it work for me as I became more familiar with the concept. LCHF My Journey – 2. Daily Meal Options. The Low Carb Island 100 day LCHF Challenge took me to the 6 months of LCHF  marker and I shared my thoughts and progress with you.  LCHF My Journey – 3. Six Months Later

Now, 15 months into my LCHF lifestyle change, here is my progress report.


I continue to participate in online support groups and now find myself being able to confidently share what works for me, as I continue to learn more myself.   I am learning to take compliments as people notice the results – taking compliments has never been easy for me but I am learning to let it feel good.


Prior to embarking on this journey I had a full medical with my GP, including blood tests and blood pressure. I had long-term hypocalcemia caused by hypoparathyroidism and I had raised blood pressure.  I am also menopausal.

At the 3 month pont my  blood work was all showing positive signs and I confess that I have not felt the need to get it rechecked.  I am no longer on any prescribed medication and only take a generic calcium supplement once per day – not the twice a day as before.

The Measurements

This is the bit you are really interested in… from 31 May 2016 to 1 September 2016

  • Weight lost 12.4kg – which equates to 15%
  • Body Fat lost 9.8kg –  28%
  • BMI down 4.6 – 15%
  • Hips lost 13 cm –  12%
  • Chest lost 8 cm –  7%
  • Abdomen lost 12 cm –  11%
  • Waist lost 10 cm –  10%
  • Thigh (L) lost 8 cm –  14%
  • Arm (L) lost 4 cm –  12%

The numbers do not move seamlessly downward, nor do they move at the same rate as each other.  Sometimes I feel disheartened when bits are stubborn – 12.4kg total loss is less than 1kg per month…… but then I look at the critical health markers

  • I have LOST 9.8 kg of FAT – almost 30% of my BODY FAT is GONE
  • My BMI has dropped from being almost MORBIDLY OBESE down through OBESE, dropped through OVER and is approaching Normal
10kg Fat –  Gone!!!


  • l have lost more than the combined birth weights of my three children!!!
  • The size 16 Jeans that I purchased just on 12 months ago have been replaced by … SIZE 12 Skinnies!!!

Am I happy ??  – YES I am!!!

What now?  I will continue to – 

  •  live the Low Carb High Fat Lifestyle (LCHF)
  •  educate myself by reading, researching and questioning
  • share what works for me, with those who are interested
  • respect and remember that we are all unique individuals and what works for me may not work for others
  • add to the collection of Recipes that add variety and familiarity to this way of eating. Just type LCHF in the search bar to the right and the recipes will all come up for you.
  • be grateful for the support and encouragement of others as my transformation is noticed
  • remember – how I look is less important than who I am

Disclaimer – I am not a Doctor, nor am I a nutritionist. There are many things that can impact a person’s health and influence their dietary requirements….always do your own research and seek professional advice that is specific to your circumstances.


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