LCHF My Journey 5. Refocus on Lifestyle Choices

Since changing to the LCHF (Low Carb – High Fat) way of eating in May 2015 (some 18 months ago) I have learnt…

  • a lot about food and nutrition
  • more about my body and myself
  • not to believe all I read  – think for myself
  • do my own research from lots of sources
  • every action has a reaction

Today it is time to reflect and refocus to the future. Why???  Because for the last few weeks (maybe even months) my weight loss and shape change has slowed, stalled and was on the cusp of a reversal.

LCHF is not a “diet” in the traditional sense of dieting to lose weight. It is more a considered approach to eating foods that   enhance the natural function of my body nad make me feel good.  This way of eating has resulted in loss of weight, body dimensions and body fat.   I have been able to reduce and /or stop many of my prescribed medications.

Because LCHF is a lifestyle change, not a diet, I do not “cheat” or have “cheat days” – I simply makes choices, bite by bite, meal by meal, day by day….. and when making those choices, with a knowledge base, I know that the choices made today will impact my body short-term, tomorrow and into the future.  Its my choice.

LCHF way of eating

I am NOT diagnosed as allergic or intolerant to anything.  I do not have a list of things I must avoid or they will cause a potentially life threatening, critical crisis.  This is my considered choice as a way of eating, and, I do have freedom of choice.

I read and re read the literature. I dabbled with egg-fasts and Intermittent fasting, I looked all around me for a reason …. a scapegoat ….. an easy fix.

For the last few weeks / months I have been making choices that have had a negative impact on my progress.  I tried to tell myself that one or two don’t matter, that its only one meal or one day…. but all of a sudden I realised that it’s every day, every meal and that the reason for the lack of progress is the choices that I am making.  Poor, disorganised, bored choices.    I know what they were and when they happened….

  • Wine – sparkling, white, red, spritzers….
  • Sweet potato – wedges, fries, mash, roasted, fritters
  • Butter – while butter is good, moderation is still important (see Note)
  • Protein over load – increasing portion sizes
  • Beer – only one or two, but it is “liquid bread”
  • Social events where I had not pre-planned for my personal consumption
  • Temptation – the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak
  • Getting my bake on – with almond meal – lots of almond meal
  • Coffee with cream – too many (4 – 6)per day

Note to self regarding butter.  This is a low carb high fat way of eating and butter is good…and butter tastes nice….but…. this is not a licence to mindlessly “eat” butter as if it were cheese.  It does contain a high calorific value and in the quantities I was gobbling it…..well…. It’s still good, ok, fine etc but as part of the meal, for frying eggs or making sauces….butter is not a food group of its own… butter is not a snack food to be nibbled on (gobbled) all day!!!.

The system is not broken…. The way of eating just needs to be followed in an organised and consistent manner.  Time to refocus!!

  • Low Carb Island basics – Keep it Simple
  • Ditch the wine (Scotch or Vodka with plain Soda water)
  • Replace some of the creamy coffee with other options
  • Dust off the smaller plates
  • Control the protein portions (by weight or size)
  • Stop eating the tub of butter on its own
  • Eat fat in foods like Avocado, Bacon, Eggs and Salmon
  • Beware of the hidden carbs in onions, almonds and Thai food

It’s really easy if you keep it simple.   

Be accountable to yourself – Write down every thing that goes in your mouth and, if you are so inclined,  check your macros…and then,

…as if by magic,LCHF

 …the numbers move downwards.

Consider this –

  • I want my body to be fuelled by burning the fat I have stored – by removing by body’s preferred fuel source from Carbohydrates, including sugar – and re-teaching my body to burn fat.
  • My body starts doing exactly as I ask….then I start ‘eating’ lots of butter.
  • My body uses this readily available dietary butter as a fuel source rather than seeking out my stored fat……and so my body fat stays put.
  • LCHF promotes using fat as your primary fuel source but if my losses are stalled and my body is already high in fat…..and I am eating heaps of fat rich foods……should I be adding large quantities of extra fuel to an already full tank??

This way of eating does challenge the “old” methods of weight control by turning the standard food pyramid over and shaking it about, but it is also backed by  long-standing and ever-growing research (of the scientific, peer-reviewed & validated sort) as well as professional and semi professional businesses with various social media…. and heaps of anecdotal, personal journeys, such as this.

Food Pyramid LCHF




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