Meeting Dietary needs – Small Events

Kyle-Scott Services

I am in the middle of catering for a small event, 30-40 people,  with quite a few dietary requests. Some of these are medically related issues that must be met and some fit into the preferences and fads department.  No matter, the guests have made their requests known in response to my asking…and I shall meet their needs.

  • Vegetarian – Adult & Teen
  • Low Carbohydrate – Adults
  • Gluten Free – Child
  • Diabetic  – Adult
  • Sugar free – Preference for children
  • Hates Vegetables – Adult
  • Alcoholic – Adult

The menu is really irrelevant to this post, but the process is critical, life threatening for those with a medical diagnosis of allergy or auto-immune disease, any cross-contamination , and therefore must be taken seriously.

In a bigger environment, it is now quite common to have totally separate areas and equipment for dealing with critical issues such as production of Gluten Free foods…

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