Egg Flip the LCHF way

The power of an egg nog or egg flip to heal, nourish and nurture has been discussed by me previously Egg Flip – the all natural protein shake.  The festive versions of an egg based drink  – Egg nog with Brandy or  Fluffy Ducks and Fluffy Ducklings – have also been documented.

Since adopting the LCHF, low carb high fat, way of eating I have adapted many of my favourite recipes and sought out alternatives to others….. yet Egg Flip remained untouched, un challenged and off the menu….although I have no idea why.

Vienna CoffeeThis week I realised that I am tired of eating Bacon and Eggs for breakfast, the thought of hot scrambled eggs with spinach and cheese made me recoil from the kitchen,  Eggs benedict with avocado, salmon and lashings of Hollandaise sauce was not appealing….. and I had a momentary panic.

Then, over a Vienna Coffee (long black, with cream and cinnamon) I realised that it was the idea of another hot breakfast on a 25ºC morning that was disturbing me.  Time to bust out the Egg Flip.

Really it was only the large glug of milk in this that was making it a less than suitable LCHF option ….and thankfully I had a pack of So Good, Almond Coconut milk, unsweetened ready to go.  Ther rest, as they say, is history.

LCHF, Egg Flip

  • 2 eggs
  • 1 cup Almond Coconut milk, unsweetened
  • ½ teaspoon Vanilla
  • pinch (or 2) of ground Nutmeg
  1. Mix all ingredients together –  stab mixer, stick blender, blender, ninja …
  2. Pour into a glass
  3. Garnish with a sprinkle of Nutmeg.

Ta Da!!!  30 seconds and breakfast is ready.

Because I am planning that this will keep me satisfied for a period of time as a full meal replacement it is double the quantities of my standard (non LCHF) Egg Flip.

Off to the supermarket to stock up on Almond Coconut milk. Summer breakfasts are sorted.





3 thoughts on “Egg Flip the LCHF way

  1. “Dee” used to make a 1 egg, dash of vanilla, 1/2 t sugar [when Mum wasn’t looking], to 1 glass of cool milk [out of the safe on the verandah] – all beaten with an eggbeater in a large bowl before being transferred to a glass and topped with a dash of cinnamoon or nutmeg. Great when bedridden with rheumatic fever!


  2. I’m with you on being weary of cooked eggs for breakfast. This is what my mother called Egg in the Milk. Granted, not very original, but it got us to eat a healthy breakfast. Forgot about this–thanks!


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