Magnificence at the Mango Hill Tavern

Planning for date night with my darling began early in the day with a suggestion to do “something different” ….. perhaps romantic… or  on the beach….. or  ethnic….. or just a surprise.   Fast forward to after work…and no plans were yet made.

We both did the “google” thing and explored local eateries that were new to us….. and….. after much ado, and a couple of scothces,  we set forth for dinner.  To be honest, at this point, I knew not where our final destination would be…. but happy to sallie forth into the wild unknown of cuisine and culture.

Did I mention that it was raining rather heavily….and hubbies car had been in for work earlier in the day…. and so, yup…it kinda konked out!!!   No big drama, pushed it aside, tweaked the thingee that was loose…and all good.   Dinner still on with his good humour still intact.   Destination – Mango Hill Tavern in the northern suburbs of Brisbane – kind of really close to North Lakes, but NOT North Lakes.   Even got a carpark at the red carpet VIP entrance!!!

Warm welcome at the door from staff, offered a table on the verandah.  While hubby scooted off to find the ATM,  I headed to the table and the awesome waitress assured me that she would keep an eye out for him and direct him to the table.   Now that is being looked after!!!

Sussed out the menu and looked at the long queues at the Bar and Bistro ordering areas …..decided to split roles…. he to order food…and me to arrange beverages.   Pleasantly surprised to find Yellow Tail bubbles on special (so I got me two to save a return trip) and NZ Ginger Beer for him.  Winner.

Mango Hill Tavern, Yellow Tail Wine, Janey Kyle-Scott

Got back to the table not far ahead of my darling and we settled in for what we both assumed might be a long wait for Robs rump steak with mushrooms, mushroom sauce, chips and salad and my Mango mixed grill on a skewer with salad, vegie and bearnaise sauce.

Rump  300gm  $25.90  Grain fed, MSA, JBS Platinum

Mango Mixed Grill on a Skewer. $31.90 Rump steak, chicken breast, kransky & bacon, topped with onion rings & salt & pepper squid. Served with your choice of steak sides & sauce (Due to the type of cooking, temperature cannot be requested)

All our steaks are hand selected, seasoned with sea salt, fresh cracked pepper & olive oil. Served with garden salad or Caesar salad, straight cut chips, Idaho potato or sautéed seasonal vegetables & your choice of sauce.

HOUSE MADE SAUCES Mushroom, Peppercorn, Red Wine Jus (GF), Gravy, Diane, Béarnaise or Creamy Garlic (GF)

In amazing fast time a waitress arrived with garlic Bread and Oysters Kilpatrick.  OMG, excited much – my darling had ordered me a surprise entree of oysters…. but alas no…she was at the wrong table…. *sigh*.   Then in no time at all our meals arrived….really amazed, given the long queue to order…meals to the table in 14 (fourteen) minutes.  Hats off to the kitchen brigade for the quick turn around.

Robs meal looked amazing….

Mango Hill Tavern, Janey Kyle-Scott
Robs Rump – after he had already sampled the mushroom

… mine not so photo worthy but with all the promised kransky, bacon, chicken, salt & pepper calamari, onion rings and steak – HUGE meal, full of flavour & textures.   So we shut up and scoffed it down.  Did I mention that my meal was huge!!!!   I shared with hubby (one onion ring) – to be fair I offerred him more but he was full from his meal…so alas there was some food left on my plate….nothing wrong with it….just way more than I could stuff in with my two glasses of bubbly.

Magnificent, Marvelous,  Memorable meal at the Mango Hill Tavern

Cnr Anzac Avenue & Halpine Drive, Mango Hill QLD 4509
Phone: (07) 3482 1500
Fax: (07) 3482 1570

They are on FaceBook

Split up our change and donated to worthwhile community groups via the pokies.   All in all a really great night out.


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