Lemon and Thyme Marmalade

Our daughter Dianne planted a citrus grove along the side of her house a few years ago and this is now producing a plentiful crop of limes, lemons and manderins. Currently she is supplying me with lemons for my own use- think gin & tonic- and as a surplus crop for my Janeys Jars project. Dianne has previously had a large crop of thyme which we dried for future use…today is its future.

  • 2 kg clean, dry Lemons
  • 5 litres Water
  • 4 kg Sugar
  • 2 teaspoons dried Thyme

Day before. Slice the lemons thinly. I discarded the ends and quartered the lemons lengthwise before slicing, as they were huge lemons. Put them into your big pot or jam pan, put all the pips in too as they assist with the setting of the marmalade. I use a 9 litre stock pot. Cover the lemons with the water and leave overnight.

Next day, bring the lemon water mix to the boil and cook until the total volume is halved. Allow a couple of hours for this quantity.

Pour in the sugar and bring back to the boil while stirring to ensure the sugar is dissolved. At this stage you can skim off any pips as they rise to the surface.

Boil fast for 30 – 45 minutes or until setting stage is reached. Add the thyme towards the end of the cooking time. Pour into sterilised jars and seal while hot.

Janeys Jars allows Kyle-Scott Services to support youth education and community involvement initiatives in my local community by turning surplus produce into tasty preserves.

1 August 2021. Made another batch of Lemon Marmalade today with Dianne’s lemons. Swopped the thyme for some local ginger from Buderim. Added about 250gms minced crystallized ginger with the sugar and a Tablespoon of powdered ginger at the end to boot the flavour.

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