About Me

Hospitality has always been in my life from the dinner parties Mum & Dad held, the Port School Balls, baking and cake decorating from an early age.  This lead to a career that stepped through commercial cookery, hospitality management, function management, hospitality training and tourism management.  More recently I am working in a community organisation that assist disadvantaged people towards greater community participation.

My cultural background relies heavily on story telling as a way of passing on learning and information and through my teaching I have used this method to reinforce key concepts.

One of the key concepts of a family is coming together for meals and most gatherings of friends, relatives or communities involves the provision of hospitality as a core part of the event.  It is from this platform that ‘For food and family’ is launched and the direction it takes from here is uncharted territory.  I have a rough map but like all journeys it is not the destination that really matters it is more about the journey.

Come with me and enjoy.

Janey Kyle-Scott

8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Janey
    Thought you might like to enter this debate – I ‘stole’ a couple of meal photos from your blog to post on mine (actually on two – http://www.PacificInsider.com and http://www.MyMS.com.au) – of course I will remove if you insist but be keen to get your point of view on the philosophical question! I posted a link to your blog as well. look forward to hearing from you!


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