Edmonds Cookery Book

The Edmonds Cookery Book is a New Zealand institution and has been reprinted several times since 1879 In a quick review of my favourites I  have discovered that there are over a dozen recipes on this blog taken from the Edmonds Cookery book.  … More Edmonds Cookery Book

Ratatouille – my way

I am a fan of eggplant (aubergine) and all things made with/from it.  Sadly I am alone in the household on this matter and therefore purchase a large eggplant to make and freeze portions of ratatouille for later consumption.  While a traditional ratatouille has some semi complex steps – this one pot, no mucking about … More Ratatouille – my way

Gateau McMahon

Confession time…. Gateau Mc Mahon is not a kitchen basic…it is actually a composite dessert that is made up of a basic sweet short pasty and a basic Bavarois (bav WAH). Each of these elements can made  and served as separate items but with no where near the impact that this stunning gateau has.   … More Gateau McMahon

Madeira Cake

Madeira cake is one of the classics.  Plain simple, quick and often overlooked.  Madeira cake is a sponge cake in traditional English cookery made by the creaming method.  The Madeira Cake has a firm yet light texture, eaten for afternoon tea and is traditionally flavoured with lemon.  Dating back to an original recipe in the 18th or 19th century, it is like … More Madeira Cake