My Family Tree

Here comes a challenge…. I am going to attempt to create my family tree.  This will pose several difficulties as I go due to multiple marriages, adoptions, step- people etc.  The first most simple part is the basic family unit – as it is today –  August 2011 …..  I just discovered that the toolbar here is not equipped to do this with a diagram- will create that elsewhere and import an image later.

Lets try doing it with words

  • I am Janey Kyle-Scott
  • My Parents are Tony and Barbara Smith
  • I  married  Robert Scott in 2006 – my third husband
  • I have three children Richard (Riki), Alisha and Dianne.
  • Alisha is married to Christopher Bower and they have given me two lovely grandchildren – Zachary and Lillian both born on 10 November 2010.

So far so good….

  • I have been married twice before
    • 1983 to Graham Kyle – the father of my three lovely children.
    • 2000 to Dean Bowick who sadly passed away later the same year.
  • My husband Rob has 4 children – giving me 4 step children – Bradley, Hayden, Benjamin and Samantha.
Next its my siblings….
  • I have three siblings – an older sister Anne-Louise and two younger brothers Christopher and Stephen
  • Anne-Louise lives in Adelaide with her partner Daryl. She has just submitted her thesis – amazing lady
  • Christopher is married to Tristan and they live in Wellington with their two sons – Edward and Alexander – my nephews
  • Stephen is married to Louise and although they officially live on the Gold Coast Steve is a Fly in fly out manager for the mines so is never home.
Hope you can follow this – now Im on to my parents families……
  • My Dad was Born in the South Island of New Zealand to Stanley and Anne (Nancy) Smith.
    • They have six children – Dad, Bruce, Francis (Frank), Keith, Lloyd and Judith.
    • I have gazillions of cousins, second cousins etc
    • Nanas maiden name was Malcolm
    • I have awesome memories of holidays at Nana and Grandpas in Timaru with side visits to all the relatives
  • My Mum was born and raised in Napier, New Zealand
    • She was adopted by Gordon (Dee) and Ann Floyd
    • Her birth parents were Phyllis, who had many surnames, and Edward Southerwood
    • Phyllis was a prolific breeder and Mum has contact with all her half brothers and sisters as well as large numbers of nieces and nephews
    • Of these grandparents I only knew Dee – he lived in Napier and was a very special part of my early life.
Multiple marriges mean multiple In-Laws
  • Don & Yvonne Kyle, Rex and Helen Bowick and now Ken & Jean Scott
  • One of the benefits of this has been that my children have lots of grand parents and aunties and uncles.
Extras – for those still reading
  • Nan (Myrtle) Wilson was always there.  I dont have a first memory because she just was. She wasn’t my Nan – she belonged to the Gully where we lived in Napier.  She was really the Grandmother of my childhood friend, Missy, but we all shared her.  Nan was Nan to my children too and her passing left a big hole in my life and ‘the Gully’.
  • In 1980 I met the Phipps family from Tokoroa and over time they became my other Mum & Dad and then Grandma and Grandad to my children. Every teenager needs to have their own “other” family to assist through the rough years.  This family came with a troupe of extra siblings for me to fit in with and learn from.
  • In 1988 I met my Allyson and we became like sisters. Our children shared their childhoods and a bond exists that will always be there. Sadly my buddy passed away but her husband and children will remain part of “my family” forever.
I am Janey Kyle-Scott – and that is MY FAMILY

5 thoughts on “My Family Tree

  1. Love reading this one Janey. It is good to have extra family. I remeber Aunties and Uncles [many not related] but no grandparents [all long gone. Dee lost both of his in the Nov 1918 flu epidemic, and Anne’s mum & dad both died before she was married so she looked after her young brother Harry [for many years he was living in our home in Battery Road, between jobs working on building new power stations.]


  2. Might I add you have many extra non blood kids and close friends that were like your family because you always welcomed your house to anyone that needed you.


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